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Fishing safari

Each year in the winter months of Southern Africa, the waters of the Impalila region come alive as baitfish emerge from the floodplains and head for the main channels where hunting tiger fish await and a feeding frenzy begins. This event heralds the arrival of our peak fishing season as expert and amateur fisherman alike seek to emulate the baitfish by using Rapala lures, Tiger flies and even some baitfish such as Bulldogs.

Our location

Nestled on the banks of Impalila Island, on the quieter Namibian waters of the Chobe River, Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the Zambezi River, the Chobe River and the interconnecting Kasai Channel with access to some of the best fishing conditions in the region.

You’ll be amazed by our world renowned waters teeming with tiger fish and a variety of bream species, African pike, tilapia, catfish and upper Zambezi yellow fish to name a few. You don’t even have to venture too far to win the coveted Ichingo Chobe River Lodge yellow buff, the yellow jersey of fishing. It must be noted that we’re passionate about limiting our impact on the wilderness, and therefore a strict catch-and-release policy is practiced.

Our guides

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides are on hand to ensure you get the very best from your fishing experience. Many of our guides have grown up in the region and are highly informed about local conditions. Complemented by 6 tender boats, rest assured you will have access to the best fishing our region has to offer.



Impalila Island is the ideal destination for fishermen travelling with non-fishing partners and families with a variety of other activities on offer including game viewing by motorised tender boat; a colourful birding safari; a photographic safari, or cultural experience.

This offer includes:

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